There are zillion 'Search this and that' applications available on the net, but none like FamEx. FamEx is small and handy application for searching multiple words in multiple files (such as log files). Search results are printed in output file. FamEx offers more search criteria, including regular expressions.

FamEx was written during development of some application (called FAM) which produced huge amounts of log files. When customer reported he found a bug, it was a nightmare searching 300 MB of log files looking for some phantom bug. I desperately needed some extracer to search for specific Strings in many log files to find that nasty creature (bug). FamEx was born.

FamEx is open source project. It is written in Java. Use it freely and wisely.

I am proud to announce that FamEx has been added to Softpedia's database of software programs. It can be found here:

User guide

FamEx is a console application - it means it has no GUI. Anyway you don't need it, because it would complicate things. The beauty of FamEx is that it is written in Java and should run on all systems with JRE 1.4 or above installed (OS X, Win, Unix). Just unzip and run .sh script on X-like systems and .bat script on Windows.

As said, application developers might find it very handy when searching many log files. FamEx supports .txt or .log document types with plain text in it, but any file with readable characters might fit as well.

All you need to do is to modify configuration.txt file and run FamEx:

1. In the [files] section write a list of files that you would like to search. Keep in mind that files listed first will be also searched first.
2. Then under the [strings] section write a list of words, that you would like to search for.
3. Advanced users can write a list of regular expressions that might match searching pattern under [regex] section. Regular expressions must be entered in the way that Java understands them (no additional validation is used within FamEx).
4. Run application. On X-like operating systems run FamEx from command line with ./runFamEx.sh script; on Windows execute runFamEx.bat script.

The lines that matched your search criteria are written in new file output.log... Funny, but the result of processing is yet another log file, that you must search again by the hand, but it is definitely much shorter.


Startup scripts start JVM with VM parameters listed below. The values can be modified by user.
-DcfgFilePath=configuration.txt - relative or absolute path to configuration file. File name must match the name of the configuration file.
-DoutputFile=output.txt - File name of output file.
-DappendOutText=true - Append output to existing file or overwrite file every time.


FamEx is completely redesigned, because of poor performace in previous version.

Current version: 2.0.2

Download latest build:

Download source code:

To test FamEx application download some test logs:

If you believe you found a bug, please report to: matjaz@matjazcerkvenik.si


I do not take any responsibility regarding the usage (or misusage) of FamEx application.