User Manual

System Requirements

Java 1.6 must be installed on the system to run web server with OpenMp3Player. It should run on any operating system (Linux, OS X, Windows).

Getting started

1. Unzip OpenMp3Player-x.x.x.tar.gz to custom directory.

2. Double click on starter.jar

2. Click 'Start Server' button

3. Open web browser and go to: http://localhost:8080/OpenMp3Player

Creating playlists

Open playlist editor and enter name of playlist (eg. My Salsa Hits) and enter path to a directory on the system which contains your favorite salsa mp3 files and hit 'Add' button.
Note: It might take a while to load mp3 files. If loading thousands of mp3 files the session might expire. Just reload.
Go back to Player and you should see a playlist in dropdown menu. Select playlist My Salsa Hits and a list of songs will be displayed.


Create custom tags that suite your classification of songs. Add tags to each song.


Queue is a special type of playlist which holds temporary mp3 files that you would like to listen later. Any song from any playlist can be added into queue. Inside PlaylistEditor you can save queue as playlist (it will be loaded next time when OpenMp3Player is started) or you can empty the queue and fill it with new selection of songs.
OpenMp3Player always starts with empty queue.

Shutting down

Click on the 'Stop Server' button, wait a few seconds and and close the window.'

Command line interface

OpenMp3Player can be managed remotly through the telnet connection. In terminal window connect to OpenMp3Player: telnet hostname 4444

You should see prompt player>. Use 'help' to see list of available commands.